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Welcome to Brown Man Clothing Co.
The best in funky desi t.shirts.

What started off as an idea has grown into a desi t.shirt empire! South Asian culture is one of the most vibrant and recognizable cultures in our world today. From food to fashion, there is no escaping how desi culture is making an impression on the world!

We at Brown Man Clothing Co. love our desi culture but found that when it came to funky t.shirts, the only thing available were mass produced clothing that was available at the mall. And honestly, that did not just cut it for us nor did we feel that it represented our South Asian culture. Something had to be done.

After some deep meaningful conversations over some masala chai and ladoos we started coming up with design ideas and captions if there ever were such a clothing company. When the laughter stopped someone said "So, um, why don't we just do it ourselves?" And the rest as they say is history! Welcome to Brown Man Clothing Co.

Our funky cool graphic design t.shirts start as low as $9.99. We've got a t.shirt to fit your budget and style. We Ship Worldwide! Shipping available to every country. Wherever you live, we'll get it there!


Brown Man Clothing Co. is the only desi t.shirt company being sold at a major department store retailer. Check out our Sears locations in the Greater Toronto Area and in Montreal. Pick up a few of our funky cool desi t.shirts while you're there and tell them that Brown Man Clothing Co. sent you there.
We ship our funky desi t.shirt worldwide. From North America to Australia and everywhere else in between. You want our cool graphic design t.shirts, we'll get it to you.

100% Customer Satisfaction

It's very important to us that you are fully satisfied with your order. And to date, we've maintained 100% Customer Satisfaction rate and we want to keep it that way. That's why with every order placed you'll be contacted by one of our representatives within 24 hours confirming your order right until your order is shipped. If you have any questions in between, we're just an e.mail away or you can contact us via our many social media outlets. When you order any of our funky desi t.shirts, you're not just ordering a shirt, you're embarking on an experience of the best customer service that you've ever received from a desi t.shirt company. That is our promise to you.

Brown Man Clothing Co. dares you to be different. Dressing like everyone else isn't fun. Be unique. Be awesome. #bebrown.
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At Brown Man Clothing Co., we only use real people in our marketing and advertising campaigns. If you think that you got the right attitude and look to rock our funky desi t.shirts and have always been interested in modeling, let’s chat then!

Visit our retail locations in Rexdale, Ontario and Brampton, Ontario Canada.

Retail Locations

Need to get your funky desi t.shirt faster? If you're near one of our two Sears locations, then drop by for a visit and your your brown on! Click here to check our our retail locations.


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