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Welcome to Brown Man Clothing Co. The best in funky desi t.shirts.

What started off as an idea has grown into a desi t.shirt empire! South Asian culture is one of the most vibrant and recognizable cultures in our world today. From food to fashion, there is no escaping how desi culture is making an impression on the world!

We at Brown Man Clothing Co. love our desi culture but found that when it came to funky t.shirts, the only thing available were mass produced clothing that was available at the mall. And honestly, that did not just cut it for us nor did we feel that it represented our South Asian culture. Something had to be done.

After many cups of chai and auntie Sameena's aloo gobi and roti, the concept of Brown Man Clothing Co. was born. Create funky cool desi t.shirts designed by desis for desis! And sell them for a great price! It was a no brainer.

Years later, we've expanded our designs, pushed our creative limits, sell our funky desi. tshirts worldwide as well as at three Sears locations in the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal! We're the only desi t.shirt company who has achieved this.

We thank you for visiting our site. We hope to see you in our stuff real soon! And remember; If It Ain't Brown, It Ain't Right!

- Brown Man Clothing Co. Team

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Need your funky desi t.shirt by Brown Man Clothing Co. fast? We invite you to visit our Sears retail locations in the Greater Toronto Area and in Montreal.

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Can't wait to get your funky desi t.shirt in the mail? Need to rock our gear fast? Brown Man Clothing Co. invites you to visit any of our 3 retail locations in Brampton, Rexdale or Montreal. Click to check out where you can get your desi on faster!

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At Brown Man Clothing Co we're always looking for fresh new faces and attitudes to rock our funky desi t.shirt. If you think that you've got the right look and personality for our unique brand of graphic design desi t.shirts then we want to hear from you.

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